Nigeria promises telecom regulatory compliance

April 21, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Nigeria’s telecom regulator has announced that it is moving forward on promises of encouraging compliance with all its regulations, including price reductions and the fostering of competition. In comments to reporters, the Nigerian Communications Commission said it would also look to add new operators into the market if possible.

Analysts in Lagos said the announcement is part of the NCC’s efforts to bolster customer service and overall operations from the mobile and telecom operators.

“For too long, the NCC sat by and allowed companies to do as they wish, but now it appears their words are going to be met with action, which will be great for the country and potential advertisers,” said Mahmoud Ngabe, a telecom analyst in the country.

Vice Chairman of the NCC Eugene Juwah said in Abuja that the regulator would not sit idly by.

“We also expect the operators to be responsive to their subscribers. Without the subscribers, no operator will exist and sustain their services so we want the operators to be very responsive to their complaints,” he said. “On our part, we promise to be transparent, fair, firm and forthright.”

Juwah added that he believed the industry consultations with the NCC’s activities can bring about an “effective and participatory regulatory process.”

He added that he believes the “consultative regulation of the industry will bolster the confidence of the stakeholders and engender a conducive environment necessary for further investments in the sector.

Earlier this year, the NCC was extremely critical of the telecom operators, saying services had dropped to their lowest levels in the country and demanded companies take immediate action.

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