Nigeria, Intel boost rural health

Nigeria and Intel are looking to increase access to rural healthcare and boost delivery systems in locations outside major metropolitan areas. It is part of the country’s efforts to meet Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Intel and the government have been in negotiations for some time to establish a network that will help improve rural Nigerians access to technology related to health care providers.

The recent developments look at ways to use information and communication technology (ICT) as a means of reaching more people and providing better services.

Business Development Manager at Intel in Nigeria David Ibhawoh said that “workshops were held with various stakeholders including internal stakeholders, such as Ministry of Health and FCT officials and external stakeholders, such as village tribal leaders and participating hardware and software vendors” in an effort to increase productivity and IT in those rural areas.

“”This helped to build stakeholders’ commitment and ensure that the mobile teams would be understood and accepted in the communities they are deployed to. The program also carried out public workshops using traditional village messengers and pre-site visits by doctors to educate and familiarize rural residents with the program,” he added.

By Staff