April Innovation Dinner theme confirmed

The April Innovation Dinner will address mobile enterprise security (Image: file photo)

Rapid changes in the mobile industry have been met at every step by an evolving criminal industry determined to take advantage of the relatively easy target which mobile devices present. A single security solution is no longer adequate.

In order to address security threats and vulnerabilities a strong security mechanism, using a combination of security solutions is needed.

Tablet devices have, over the past 12 months, exploded into the marketplace. Employees bringing their own Tablets into the business environment have posed a serious problem, both for IT support and mobile security practices.

Unlike desktop PCs and Laptops, these Internet-optimised Tablets do not come with personal firewalls and anti-malware programs pre-installed. Today’s Tablets do little to protect themselves against network-borne attack. Furthermore, Tablet devices tend to travel everywhere with their owners and are prone to loss and theft. Enterprises need mobile security measures and best practices to help make productive, safe use of contemporary tablets.

The theme for the Innovation Dinner on 19 April will be Overcoming Mobile Enterprise Security Challenges.

Enterprise mobile security has two key components:

  1. Enterprise System Security – Ensures that the server framework and the mobile network support security in connection, communication and data handling.
  2. Device and Application Security – Ensures that the mobile device and applications are secured from attacks. It includes authentication of device, security of content in the device and device features like encryption to ensure secure communication.

At the next Innovation Dinner speakers from Research in Motion will join analysts and consultants in addressing major trends in mobility. The next Innovation Dinner is organised by ITNewsAfrica.com and sponsored by MTN Group and RIM (Research in Motion), and is scheduled to take place at the Michelangelo Hotel and Towers, Sandton Johannesburg, South Africa on April 19th, 2010.

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