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“Shift 2” set to quicken your pulse

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Shift 2: Unleashed - Helmet Cam view of Pagani Huayra (Image credit: Shift 2 homepage)

Last week we attended the pre-launch party for EA Games’ Shift 2: Unleashed, to be launched on April 1st . Shift 2 is the 17th installment in the extremely popular Need For Speed franchise and EA has drawn on all their experience to produce a game that looks and feels very convincing.

Despite a comprehensive visual overhaul, Shift 2 offers some very interesting technical improvements as well. EA has re-worked the game’s physics engine and the results are palpable, if you try to take a corner too fast and you drift into the rough next to the track you could very easily flip your vehicle into a dizzying barrel roll. If you land on your wheels, you would find that your car has suffered true-to-life damage during your off-track adventure.

For the truly brave, EA has incorporated a “helmet cam” point of view, which places you in the drivers seat in the most accurate depiction of racing we have ever seen. The real-world physics combined with helmet-cam mode has your view tilting as you go around corners, shuddering if you drive over a rough patch and spinning like a top if you roll your car.

Shift 2 also features an extended version of the multi-player Autolog system. First implemented in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the Autolog system updates an online database of each player’s lap times and trophies. If you link your friends into your Autolog profile, you will be notified, in real time, if they beat your record on any given lap. EA hopes that this will bring a more competitive edge to this game.

Shift 2 Trailer

We will be publishing a more in-depth review of the game as soon as we get our hands on a copy, stay tuned!

By Angela Meadon


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