Nigeria’s WECO boss calls for outsourcing

Continued worries over Nigeria’s telecommunications services have prompted Weco Systems International chief, Sidney Ogueri, to call for operators to look into outsourcing their services in an effort to bolster telecom services in the country.

He said that the poor quality of telecom services in Nigeria has left operators with few options to create a renewed effort to meet customers’ demands.

In comments published on Wednesday morning, Ogueri said that it may be beneficial to Nigerian operators to outsource some of their business services. He also questioned the problem many in Nigeria have toward outsourcing.

Ogueri said that “no telecom operator can maintain and service its customers and equipment with their staff alone. Outsourcing allows one to concentrate on his expertise and it gives people time and resources to do their work better.

“Therefore, to ensure quality of service, telecom operators must outsource because it is a business model adopted globally [and] Nigeria must not be left behind.”

It comes as worries over the government’s apparent inaction over security of property have been at the forefront of the telecom debate in recent days.

Weco has positioned itself as a leader in IT services and products and attempts to be a bridge between Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, and their customers.

By Staff