Monday, July 22, 2024
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MTN Nigeria to get $1 billion boost

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MTN Nigeria, part of the company’s growing African empire, announced it is budgeting some $1 billion in its total capital for the year. In the statement from the company, much of the funds will go to bolstering high quality services through what the company said would be a robust and “resilient network.”

A Nigerian ministry of communications official said that the government was “optimistic” on the future of MTN in the country, saying that “throughout their efforts, they can increase the overall impressions of technology in Nigeria.”

Akinwale Goodluck, MTN’s corporate service executive said the firm has paid as income tax to the coffers of the Federal Government, N42 billion while it has also paid in excess of N6 billion as education tax.

It also stated that it had resolved bills of more than N2 billion to the National Information Technology Development  Agency (NITIDA).

The ministry official said he hoped MTN would “continue to import ideas of creation and improving the infrastructure in Nigeria.”

He added that the ministry believes pushing forward will help inaugurate a new country that is technologically savvy.

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  1. A couple of months I bought data bundles whilst visiting South Africa from MTN to access the internet. My experience surfing the net could only be described as pure unadulterated rubbish! I shudder to think that MTN is planning on replicating such poor data services across the continent! Oh No!!!

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