India trying to close digital gap in Kenya

Leading Indian telecommunications companies are ramping up efforts in Kenya to secure deals over the next 6 months to increase their presence in the digital market in the African country. According to reports and analysts, India is well-positioned to tackle the digital vacuum in the country and bolster infrastructure in digital technology.

According to recent reports, technology giants Mahindra Satyam, Infosys and Tata are among those aiming to increase their foothold in East Africa. The companies believe that an increase in their local presence will enable them to make Nairobi a base for a spread throughout the continent.

“What we are witnessing is a visible move from Indian companies to invest in the mobile sector and create opportunities to show their willingness to engage with the government and private entities to deliver new digital technology and increase customer service at a time when services are down and profits are slumping,” said Khalil Khan, a Kenyan analyst based in Mombasa.

The new efforts, he said, are likely to see a rapid increase in ICT investment and the liberalization of the telecom sector as a whole.

“Kenya’s new constitution, combined with private investments in infrastructure and a quickly growing telecom sector, shines an optimistic light on the state of Kenya’s economy,” said Majd Hosn, an associate research analyst at Pyramid, in a statement. “Moves by the CCK continue to encourage investment in this sector.”

By Staff