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Wael Ghonim freed, returns to Twitter

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Google Executive Wael Ghonim (image credit: Facebook)

Wael Ghonim, head of marketing for Google’s MENA region, was released today after 12 days in captivity at the hands of the embattled Egyptian regime. “Please do not make a hero out of me. I am not a hero.” Wael said, despite growing praise for his contribution to the protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s 30 year reign.

Ghonim acknowledges helping to set up the Facebook group “We are all Khaled Said” which triggered the massive protests that have not abated since 25 January. Khaled Said has become the talisman of a generation after he was beaten to death by Egyptian police in June 2010.

The groups Facebook page proclaims their mission statement as follows; “Egyptians want to see an end to all violence committed by any Egyptian Policeman. Egyptians are aspiring to the day when Egypt has its freedom and dignity back, the day when the current 30 years long emergency martial law ends and when Egyptians can freely elect their true representatives.”

Ghonim disappeared on January 27th, his whereabouts were unknown until Sunday when a prominent Egyptian politician acknowledged that he had been arrested and would be  soon be released. Shortly after his release, Ghonim gave an interview in which he broke down when informed of the estimated (by the UN) 300 protesters who have died during the  riots.

“I’m not a hero, I slept for 12 days,” Wael said. “The heroes, they’re the ones who were in the street, who took part in the demonstrations, sacrificed their lives, were beaten, arrested and exposed to danger.”

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