Van Marken to step down as Vox Telecom Group CEO

Tony van Marken to leave Vox Telecom

After five years at the helm of Vox Telecom Group, CEO Tony van Marken has announced his resignation from the Group, effective from March 31.

“Guiding Vox over the past five years has been a tremendous adventure and I’m proud of our achievements in building the group into the serious contender it is today,” says van Marken.  “However, I have been commuting between the company’s headquarters in Johannesburg and my home in Franschhoek for the last five years. This is not a situation that is easy on my family and personal life and it is for that reason that I have decided to leave Vox.” Van Marken plans to take the rest of 2011 off to spend time with his wife and sons, as well as indulging his passion for cycling and mountain climbing.

Van Marken says he has no qualms about leaving Vox Telecom in the hands of founder and current MD Doug Reed. “Doug and his team know exactly where the Vox group is going and I have no doubt about their ability to achieve their goals.”

Van Marken will retain close links with Vox Telecom, as a shareholder and mentor to many employees at the Company.

By Angela Meadon