MTN UniPresence links cell phones to PBX


MTN Business, today announced the launch of MTN UniPresence. This product initiates phase two of the company’s convergence ‘roadmap’. UniPresence, allows any cellular device to become an extension of an organisation’s Managed IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange), as it offers all the features and functionality of a traditional PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system, however, it does not require desk phones anymore. Users can make and receive calls wherever they are – through one phone number as though they are sitting at their workstations.

According to Angela Gahagan, executive at MTN Business, MTN’s UniPresence will allow its customers to move between an organisation’s fixed-line to a mobile phone – using one number for any communication device.

“As we know, traditional PBXs can be an expensive capital outlay for many organisations and should a company expand, this outlay continues, to accommodate for further extensions and employees,” says Gahagan “Certainly today, with the evolution and advent of convergence communication, enterprises require a simpler solution for this environment, one that is focused on collaborating current infrastructure, while actually supporting productivity and costs – not hindering it.”

“The market is talking about cloud based unified communications, but how does this translate into tangible business solutions?” adds Gahagan. “Currently, most employees within a company have multiple numbers and mailboxes for different devices and communications tools. This means that when customers or colleagues try to contact them they can try a number of options – from desk phones, soft phones and mobile phones. However, the reality is that these multiple numbers have actually impacted costs and productivity negatively.”

“Through MTN UniPresence, users can make and receive calls wherever they are with a single number and they do not have to manage multiple voice mail boxes anymore. Users will have the option of setting their presence status (for reception and colleagues to understand when they can take a call etc.), as well as undertaking calls via any available connection – be that mobile, WiFi or IP.”

According to MTN Business the one number capability is just the first of many value propositions to come from MTN UniPresence, which essentially is what the industry understands as Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).

By Angela Meadon


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