Internet still down in Libya

Muammar al Gaddafi, "Leader and Guide of the Revolution", Libya (Image: Wikipedia)

The Internet in Libya remains turned off, Rensys said. It reported that all Internet capabilities in the North African country remain out of service as of midnight Saturday. It comes on the heels of massive violence in the country that has left at least 200 people dead.

“Renesys confirms that the 13 globally routed Libyan network prefixes were withdrawn… and Libya is off the Internet. One Libyan route originated by Telecom Italia directly is still BGP-reachable, but inbound traceroutes appear to die in Palermo,” the company statement said.

“A minority of our peers report some surviving paths through the peering connection between Level3 and Telecom Italia, but traceroutes into those prefixes fail, suggesting that the Libyan cutoff is complete.”

It comes as violence continues to burn out of control over the past 72 hours.

Libya follows Egypt in shutting the country off from the outside world. For five days earlier this month, during Egypt’s 18-days of street protests, the government attempted to curtail the anti-government protests by cutting off the Internet. It didn’t work.

By Joseph Mayton