Egypt’s military connects with Facebook

February 23, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Egypt's military takes further action to bolster popular support (Image Credit: Jonathan Rashad)

The Supreme Military Council, which assumed authority in Egypt after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, has opened a Facebook page to promote its image among Egyptians. The group also issued a statement saying the page will make it possible and easier for people to send their requests and submit their complaints.

The statement said this is a new form of communication with the Egyptian people, aiming at making the relations between the Supreme Council and the citizens more transparent and trustful.

The step comes as an attempt to connect with the youth leaders of the January 25 Revolution with tools and languages they are familiar with. The page’s statement paid tribute to the youth and the martyrs of the revolution, declaring that the page was founded upon a decision by the President of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Minister of Defense Marshall Hussein Tantawi, out of the belief that the fruitful cooperation during the coming period with the honorable people of Egypt will lead to stability and security in Egypt.

The statement emphasized that the Egyptian armed forces, when they took on the responsibility of running the country, aimed to secure and protect the State and did not have any aspirations or political ambitions.  The goal, said the statement, is to secure and ensure the safe transition of power and the democratic transition that was demanded by the free youth leaders of the Revolution.

A similar move was made by the Ministry of Interior, which suffers from a lack of trust and credibility amongst Egyptians. It also created a Facebook page to refute accusations of corruption and human rights violations by the public.

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