DCC takes PC Tools into Africa

(Image: File Photo)

As part of its drive to ensure quality, affordable IT product availability in the African market, distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC) will be launching PC Tools security software during a road show which takes place in Botswana and Mozambique from 16-18 February 2011 and in Angola in early March.

PC Tools, a division of Symantec, offers a range of anti-virus, anti-spyware, internet security, and firewall software as well as utility tools to help users protect their computers from an ever increasing number and variety of threats.

“The African continent is becoming increasingly connected, which means that users in these countries are becoming more and more at risk from malicious software and applications. These users need reliable, stable and trustworthy security solutions, but are typically highly budget conscious. For this reason it was a logical move for us to take the competitively priced PC Tools products into this market to offer users an affordable, high quality way of protecting themselves from computing threats,” says Fred Mitchell, Symantec Business Unit Manager at DCC.

“We have noticed a definite gap in the market for affordable security solutions in African countries, and the PC Tools offering gives users a greater choice when it comes to selecting security software to meet both their requirements and their budgets,” Mitchell adds.

“The market in Africa is experiencing a number of challenges, including the ever present bandwidth and connectivity problems as well as tight budget constraints. We have also noticed that because many users are relatively new to the concept of IT security, they are unaware of how to protect themselves from harm. Our aim with the road show is to help educate the market about the threats involved in computing and using the internet and to help them protect their computers against these threats,” he concludes.

By Angela Meadon