Bharti Airtel to shake things up in Nigeria


BHARTI Airtel's Group Chairman, Sunil Mittal
BHARTI Airtel’s Group Chairman, Sunil Mittal, the new owners of Zain Nigeria has disclosed that new applications; lower tariffs and rural connections would define the entrance of the company into the Nigerian market and Africa in general.

Bharti Airtel, an Indian emerging global telecommunications giant, had last June taken over the African operations of Zain in a $10.7bn deal.

Mittal who spoke at the formal rebranding of Zain Nigeria to Airtel Nigeria said the new owners are in Nigeria “to do things differently from how they have been done”.

He stated that Bharti Airtel have been trying to enter the African market in the last 13 years, adding that “we understand the nuances of the market”.

According to him, “We will take the network into the deepest parts of the country. We will take it to where networks had never been. We will not compromise on quality while doing this. We will do things the way the communities want us to do them”.

Chairman of Airtel Nigeria, Oba Otudeko, said that Airtel would make an initial investment of $2 billion into the Nigerian business in the next few years. Otudeko called on Nigerian to continue depending on the telecom provider assuring that the change from Zain to Airtel would be the last one that the company will witness.

The company began operation in Nigeria in 2001 as Econet Nigeria. It is one of the four telecom companies that won the GSM license auction by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC). The company has since its entry into Nigeria witnessed change of name for five times.



  1. Zain should be honest in dealing with their customers and not make their customers pay for lines that don’t work. It is heart breaking that an internet line with zain, bought on 11/11/2010 in Lagos did not work for a minute and all efforts by my wife to address the issue with zain office at new market road branch onitsha did not yield any results, rather a zain employee told her to go and try her luck back in lagos where the modem was purchased. A statement I got with rude shock as to how my fellow Nigerians are been made to pay there hard earned naira without enjoying the services they paid for.

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