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TELKOM SA unveils higher speed ADSL

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SOUTH Africa’s telecommunications giant, Telkom has announced introduction of high speed DSL, which will translate into efficient and easy access to the internet.

The newly introduced Fastest DSL went live on Monday with speeds reaching “up to10 Mbps”.

Telkom spokesman, Pynee Chetty, told our reporters that internet users were in for big benefits from the telecom operator.

“Within weeks of rolling out substantially expanded data packages, the company today (Friday) announced that TelkomInternet will increase the speed of its Fastest DSL offering to “up to10 Mbps”, effective 15 August 2010.

“Telkom is enhancing its ADSL network to support ADSL speeds of up to 10Mbps in all areas which have suitable technology at exchanges to support the upgrade.

“The10 Mbps ADSL speed is an innovative enhancement to the existing Fastest DSL product, which now allows users to potentially burst at 10 Mbps,” said Chetty in a statement.

He said all upgrades would remain subject to localised line conditions and the type of equipment available at the nearest exchange.

Chetty said the upgrade was focussed on 4Mbps users who currently sync at full profile speed.

“This means that 10 Mbps will initially have a limited footprint, but this footprint will increase as Telkom expands its Metro Ethernet and ADSL2+ presence.
“Customers can use an online availability check tool to establish the status of upgrades in their area” said Chetty.

He added: “The latest speed upgrade will also be at no additional cost to customers.”

Telkom is a leading communications services provider in South Africa and on the African continent.



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