Nigerians on the Internet hit 43.9 million

A report from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) has revealed that 43.9 million Nigerians have access to the internet.
According to the Vanguard, Mr. Abasiama Idaresit Managing Director Wild Fusion, an internet marketing firm based in Ikoyi said:
“This is the latest stats from the International Telecommunication Union, ITU and this makes Nigeria the largest internet population by country in Africa dwarfing South Africa, Morrocco, Kenya and Egypt combined”.
Idaresit also stated that about 39.6% of all Internet traffic from Africa is from Nigeria and 29.8% of the population access the Internet.

According to Idaresit, Facebook, Google and Yahoo are the top three most visited web destination by Nigerians. “This is a great opportunity for advertisers and brands seeking to engage consumers using the Internet. With the right mix of Social Media, Display Ads and Search marketing, advertisers can improve their visibility at reduced cost.”

Wild Fusion, a digital marketing firm specialises in online media sales, digital marketing, social media engagement and web analytics services. Wild Fusion is exclusive representative for Facebook in Nigeria and works with other global Internet companies including Google and Nielson.


  1. Cooked up figures. Those figures most probably include mobile phone internet users, in which case it would be stretching it to say they exceed Egypt and South Africa, forget even Kenya and Moroco.

  2. Other than Lagos or Abuja, can I get High speed internet in Nnewi, Nigeria where I will be visiting in a few weeks to see a friend?. He tells me that there is only about 64 kb/s available via a USB stick. A little research tells me that an underground cable is now serving Nigeria. There should be an ISP using that to deliver higher speed to a university town. Please tell me that there is!


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