Google to host Kenya technology conference

elson Mattos, Google's vice president of Engineering, EMEA
GOOGLE will soon be hosting a three day web and mobile conference for tech savvy entrepreneurs and developers in Kenya.

The conference will take place at Strathmore University in Nairobi from 6th to 8th September 2010, where over 1200 engineers, product managers, entrepreneurs, students and web developers will gather to discuss the future of web application development, and receive training on Google products and online business skills.

In a statement, Google said the web and mobile themed conference, named G-Kenya, represents Google’s commitment to driving the web forward in Africa, and highlighting the entrepreneurial opportunities presented by the internet.

G-Kenya will focus on Google’s developer and business technologies ranging from Chrome Extensions and App Engine, to mobile and AdWords.

Attendees will have the chance to explore Google’s open source technologies through a combination of tech talks, breakout sessions and codelabs run by engineers and business teams from across the globe.

Key among the speakers will be Nelson Mattos, Engineering Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Google lead for sub-Saharan Africa Joe Mucheru commented, “Forums such as these bring our specialists together with a diverse group of people to share their knowledge, and contribute to efforts to make the internet part of everyday life in Kenya. It is an excellent opportunity for both developers and entrepreneurs to learn more about the enormous potential of the web.”

“This conference is the latest in a series of interactive forums and tech days that Google has been holding across Africa this year, to promote innovation and business in the region.

“A similar event will take place in Kampala on 1st and 2nd September 2010. If you would like to attend, you can find more details and register online at the G Kenya and G Uganda websites,” said the statement


  1. Google and Strathmore would do well in moving their newly planned conference in Strathmore a few days, as it coincides with the long awaited and top visited ICT Summit, arranged by AITEC and leaders in the industry.

    I would recommend that Google rethink it a bit, as they may not see the wanted guests. We are at the AITEC conference/expo, and many with us…

    May I add, that we actually enter into Android technology from September, and we strongly support Google’s technology, but we will – as other visitors – have to make a choice…

    Do I need to add, that this placement is a bit insensitive to other industry events, which has been scheduled even months before Google came up with this !!

    David Svarrer
    CEO, Digital Age Institute Ltd.

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