Fujitsu launches LIFEBOOK Tablet PCs

Fujitsu has announced the new tablet PC LIFEBOOK T Series models, now also including optional built-in GPS.

The new LIFEBOOK T730 and LIFEBOOK TH700 models include optional GPS as well as featuring embedded 3G/UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth for mobile connectivity.

Light, fast and flexible are keywords that personify the new 12.1-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 and TH700 models, designed from the ground-up as ideal traveling companions. Tipping the scales from 1.8kg, the LIFEBOOK T Series models are light enough to be carried around all day. The tablet PCs are also fast, featuring the latest powerful 2010 Intel Core Processor Family, combined with optional super-responsive SSD hard disk drives and ample memory to run even the most-complex applications.

Flexibility comes from the twist-to-touch tablet screen, which is bi-directional, Windows 7 multiple touch technology, and the modular bay accommodating a DVD drive, a second battery, a Blu-ray Disc combo drive or a second hard disk drive. Even with a single battery, the models offer all-day runtime. This is due to extended battery life and energy-saving features such as an integrated Ambient Light Sensor that automatically adjusts display brightness to the working environment.

It is almost impossible to be out-of-contact while on the move with the LIFEBOOK T730 and TH700 models thanks to the optional embedded mobile broadband (3G/UMTS) module featuring mobile download rates of up to 7.2 Mbit/s N-standard WLAN, and Bluetooth. Meanwhile even the most geographically challenged mobile users will be able to make a beeline to their next appointment by using the built-in GPS module, as this pinpoints the notebook’s exact location on the globe at any time.

For a mobile user, security is also a priority, and both new Fujitsu LIFEBOOK tablet PC models offer biometric logon and the LIFEBOOK T730 also offers data encryption via an optional TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Also available for both systems is subscription-based Advanced Theft Protection that enables a lost or stolen notebook to be remotely locked, data to be erased, and speeds recovery by helping find the machine’s current location.

Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, says: “As more and more mobile computer users choose tablet PCs for their convenience and flexibility, it is also the attention to detail that helps Fujitsu LIFEBOOK models come to the forefront. When choosing a tablet PC, it’s important to look for the little touches that make life easier, such as a screen that will twist in both directions, the support for multiple touch, and superior connectivity options.”

The LIFEBOOK T730 and TH700 models are immediately available direct from Fujitsu or Fujitsu resellers.