Webcom Group thrives on acquisitions

Glen Miller, CEO The Webcom Group
The Webcom Group (Webcom), an end-to-end ICT products and solutions company outsourcing to the public and private sectors, has recently expanded its activities through acquisition.

Webcom’s strategic acquisitions enabled the company to expand rapidly in new areas, to meet the requirements of their customers. The group increased its stake in Tasima, a black owned ICT services company, taking the company’s stake from 33.3% to 50%.

“This made great business sense as we foresaw huge opportunities in the Roads and Transport sector through improved technologies. It also allowed us to identify the requirement to develop scanning and verification technology that would specifically benefit the Department of Transport. However, we have seen interest from the corporate sector for these technologies too”, said Glen Miller, CEO at The Webcom Group.

The company went on acquiring an equal stake in Webcom IT Services and Solutions, an insurance salvaging company and Quency, an independent firm that provides advisory and training services on governance, risk management, compliance (GRC). Through these purchases, Webcom would meet the IT insurance and GRC requirements of government and the private sector.

The company said the acquisition would enable a broad spectrum of ICT offerings from outsourcing, consulting, supplying hardware and software to application development and integration.

“These acquisitions have allowed us to ‘fast track’ our growth strategy, however, and ensure we can offer niche services and products. We plan to focus increased attention on the various government services that can be automated, as well as continually enhancing our rapid clinics and schools initiatives, for which we already have a proof of concept”, added Miller.

The Webcom Group comprises of Webcom Technologies; Webcom Software, the software development arm; and consulting division Webcom Consulting. In addition, Webcom has numerous subsidiaries.

Webcom’s geographic footprint spans southern Africa and the Group has empowered nine Small Micro Medium Enterprise (SMME) partners by contracting them to deliver services and support for both Tasima and Webcom’s customers, providing local support to the ICT industry on the continent.