Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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TelFree launches application for iPhone

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The Research and Development African arm of Swiss-headquartered TelFree Communications has developed an unified telecommunications hub which- now available on the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPod Touch.

The South African developed TelFree application was released through iTunes and allows Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and selected smartphone users to access easier and cheaper communications over the internet, using both Wi-Fi and 3G and taking advantage of the reductions in broadband costs.

The applications allow users to receive calls even when they are not logged into the Telfree application, using Telfree’s innovative Push Call technology. Since on the iPhone only one application can run at a time, TelFree’s service works even when users have not opened the calling application.

TelFree Group has recently launched low-rated Internet applications that unify online and offline telecommunications, allowing people to be in contact anytime, anywhere.

According to Walter Betschel, CEO of the Telfree Group Of Companies, a South African operator with offices in Pretoria and Cape Town, the service allows TelFree users and corporate clients to conveniently switch from normal phone-calls to chat, email and instant messaging on Facebook from one device, at a global flat rate, without having to switch on and off different programs.

To activate the application, users have to download the TelFree Mobile application from the website to their mobile smartphones or send “telfree” in an SMS to 39642 (SA only), then connect their to the Internet over 3G or Wi-Fi for instant access to multiple services.

In addition to that, the application offers national calls and roaming fees at an affordable rate, providing one global flat rate to fixed lines, mobile phones and free access for registered TelFree to TelFree accounts.

The TelFree Group is a privately-owned group of companies headquartered in Switzerland, which provide value-added communication services of the next generation. TelFree has positioned itself to penetrate Africa and other emerging markets, as well as developed markets.

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