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SABC receives database monitoring support

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SABC headquarters (source:
South Africa’s public broadcaster SABC has received ongoing database monitoring and support for its Oracle and SQL server databases and IBM mainframe from RDB Consulting.

The ICT support will facilitate the SABC’s expansion into new application areas and provide the support needed to efficiently and effectively deliver its radio and television broadcast offerings.

“Database predictability is paramount to the organisation. In addition, our database requirements are increasing as the SABC focuses its attention on new areas of growth, most significantly in the new media space, but also on the implementation of ERP and bespoke applications. New channel opportunities arising from the impending digital migration will further contribute to an increased need for database support”, explained Potlaki Maine, General Manager IT/CIO at the SABC.

Maine added that the agreement with RBD Consulting provided “a pool of specialist resources to the SABC at a considerably lower cost than employing full-time staff”, therefore reducing costs for the broadcaster.

Both parties have signed a Service Level agreement (SLA), which enforces continuous database and monitoring support for SABC. According to Jaroslav Cerny, CEO of RDB Consulting, the offerings will ensure maximum uptime and expert database requirements handling.

The SABC is South Africa’s only public broadcaster, providing 18 radio stations, as well as three television channels to the general public.

Established in 1995, RDB Consulting is an outsource and consulting company that specializes in Relational databases, Operating Systems, Business Intelligence/Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning,
Security Managed Services and Network Managed Services.

The organization also offers project management, solutions architecture, on-going maintenance and support.

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