IBM, Tanzanian Government collaborate on education

IBM has signed a collaboration agreement with the Tanzanian government, aimed at supporting the adoption of information technologies and developing the country’s R&D capacity.

The agreement will help Tanzania increase its competitiveness in the global marketplace by providing better access to technology and educational resources.

As part of the agreement, IBM will facilitate collaboration with U.S. universities on research projects in the area of smarter cities, cloud computing and business analytics. IBM will also support the ministry in developing and implementing better access to technology and educational resources for Tanzanian universities and secondary schools, especially in remote areas of the country. It is hoped that the agreement will help to enhance the local educational and information technology environment and promote a culture of entrepreneurship.

“By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the Tanzanian government has a real opportunity to develop in key areas such as education and R&D, which can play a key role in increasing Tanzania’s competitiveness in a global economy”, said Anthony Mwai, Country General Manager, IBM East Africa.

The agreement was signed in March by IBM and Prof. Hamisi O. Dihenga, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.