Nigeria welcomes mobile marketing

Mobile marketing company XS2TheWorld has introduced mobile marketing services in Nigeria, from mobile websites to fully branded mobile applications.

“For a long time we have been active in driving the growth of mobile marketing for brands around the world, and we have a powerful track record of delivering mobile marketing for household brands such as Guinness, Cathy Pacific, Fanta, HSBC among others”, said Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of XS2TheWorld, Sander Munsterman, quoted by local publication Daily Independent.

The company uses its own mobile platform to develop mobile solutions targeted at boosting the exposure and image of brands, advertising and media agencies in the mobile environment.

According to Munsterman, Nigeria has significant potential for mobile services and mobile marketing, moving towards lower mobile costs, improved infrastructure and better connectivity.

Currently, Nigeria boasts 70 million phone users from over 4 billion phone users worldwide, making its mobile market suitable for the introduction of such services, added Yinka Akande, director Brands and Marketing for Etisalat.