New beta version for Google Chrome

Google today announced a new beta version of its Chrome browser, with new features such as additional privacy controls and translation functionality.

“With the new release, we also give users even more choice and control over their own privacy while surfing the web. The translate feature will hopefully open up the web for people to discover new, compelling content – no matter what language it’s written in”, commented Wieland Holfelder, Google’s Engineering Director in Munich.

The new beta version allows Chrome users to control the site-by-site handling of browser cookies, images, plug-ins, pop-us and JavaScript. This means users can block cookies from sites they do not trust and enable them on other sites. The security features can be accessed in the new “Content Settings” section of Chrome’s Privacy Options dialog.

Also, users can view and control local objects stored by Adobe Flash on their computer, by accessing a link to the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager, directly from Google Chroom’s option dialogue box.

Furthermore, Google has introduced an instant translation mode for Chrome, with no additional plug-ins required. The translation options can also be customized by users in a particular language or for particular search results.

The new features can be tried by clicking here.