Egypt’s Orascom, eighth largest mobile network in the world

Orascom CEO, CEO Naguib Sawaris (image credit: ITP Images)
The past decade has been a highly successful one for the leading Middle Eastern and African operators. PRTM, a global management consultancy, has a new report in which it says that Egypt’s Orascom Telecom has become the eighth largest mobile network in the world by customer numbers. As a result, the company is now ahead of some of the well-established international operators.

According to Cellular-News, the study reveals that, seven multinational operators with origins in this region – Etisalat, Orascom, Qtel, STC, Zain from the Middle East, and MTN and Millicom in Africa – have more than 300 million subscribers.

Between 2003 and 2009, the leader board of the world’s 30 largest mobile operators changed dramatically. The report identifies 19 new mobile leaders worldwide, measured either by number of subscribers or revenue.

“The rise of operators from emerging markets is testament to two factors: the rapid growth in their domestic markets, and their drive to play in multiple markets. But, as their existing markets start to mature, it is not yet clear that these companies will be able to revamp their operating models and sustain continued growth based on innovation, cost management, outsourcing, and the like ,” said Anil Khurana, lead director of PRTM’s Middle East Region and co-author of the report, who calls these operators the “new multinationals.”

The full report can be downloaded from the PRTM website

From Cellular-News