McAfee Endpoint Encryption now available from Workgroup


The latest McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC v6.0 is available on the South African market from local McAfee distributor, Workgroup, offering full-disk encryption and strong access control to prevent loss of sensitive data, especially from lost or stolen devices.

“ePO is an enterprise-class open platform that centrally manages security for systems, networks, data and compliance solutions”, said Andrea van der Westhuizen, product manager: McAfee at Workgroup.

The newest McAfee encryption software delivers protection for endpoints in an integrated solution, centrally managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), that features end-to-end visibility and automations that slash incident response times, reducing the costs of managing security.

The encryption supports the upcoming Intel 32-nm Westmere microprocessors that add AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard – New Instructions) technology. The current version 6.0 will check for the presence of Intel AES-NI technology on the device and once identified, the combination is expected to lead to faster encryption performance and, in turn, better run times for the end users.