Digital vouchers launched in South Africa

Chris Rolfe, CEO Mobilitrix
South African mobile solution provider, Mobilitrix, has launched targeted and secure digital vouchers to revolutionize the way retail brands engage with consumers.

The products and services provided by Mobilitrix offer turn-key solutions for retailers and brands to engage with customers from a CRM perspective, by issuing unique vouchers that can be redeemed at specific stores or for specific products. This way, retail brands will be able to connect to the mass digital market and gain insights into customers preferences, offering them loyalty rewards.

“All Marketing and advertising should have the goal of getting consumers to purchase your product – either today or sometime in the future. Issuing your customers a unique voucher or coupon for one of your products helps to measure and track any marketing spend and create a believable ROI”, said Chris Rolfe, CEO of Mobilitrix.

Mobilitrix’s solution features a combination of mobile phone surveys and web-based platforms, to help brands engaging with consumers in a cost-effective way using simple SMS, html and USSD technology (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).

USSD technology is already used by South Africans to check balances and load airtime on cellphones.

In addition to that, Mobilitrix has developed strategic partnerships with point of sales (POS) manufacturers and software providers to make sure the vouchers can be redeemed in all retail stores across South Africa. The voucher reward is given as a unique number on the customer’s mobile phone.

Andrew Cardoza, CTO and Founder of Mobilitrix, said the solution is able to distribute, track and redeem vouchers no matter what distribution channel is used – SMS, html or USSD – and can be run in short leads time, as it doesn’t need additional hardware upgrades at POS.

“We are taking the antiquated world of paper-based vouchers, digitizing them and in so doing, we aim to grow this market segment by making it more intelligent, more measurable and more driven toward completing the commercial transaction between brands and retailers”, added Rolfe, summing up the company’s strategy for 2010.

The use of digital vouchers, set to replace paper-based vouchers in the near future, will lead to a 20 fold increase in the numbers of vouchers in South Africa, while lowering retailers’ costs and rewarding loyal consumers.

Mobilitrix is a young, dynamic South African company, founded in Stellenbosch in 2007. The company delivers a range of in-house mobile solutions, transforming mobile phone technology into business tools that reward customer loyalty.

Alongside Nokia, IBM, Verizon and Oracle, Mobilitrix was recognised one of the world’s leading innovators by Frost and Sullivan.