Private network to interconnect universities in Kenya


The Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET) has revealed an ambitious technological plan to interconnect more than 70 educational institutions in the East African country.

The Trust revealed in a press release that it would soon introduce a a network operation centre and software to ensure the success of the initiative.

“Connectivity has become very critical for institutions as they adopt online processing systems. The data centre will provide a centralized location where institutions can have their off-site backups and redundant systems situated”, said the organization in a statement.

The initiative is bankrolled by the Kenyan government through funds it received in 2007 received financing from the World Bank for the Kenya Transparency and Communications Infrastructure Project (KTCIP).

Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET) is a National Research and Education Network that promotes the use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Institutions in Kenya.

KENET aims to interconnect all the Universities, Tertiary and Research Institutions in Kenya by setting up a cost effective and sustainable private network with high speed access to the global Internet.

It also facilitates electronic communication among students and faculties in member institutions, share learning and teaching resources by collaboration in Research and Development of Educational content.

by Ignatius Sakura