Nigerian demand for computer products, slowed down by market instability

January 5, 2010 • Top Stories

Nigeria_computer_village2.jpgPricing, quality of products and unhealthy competition are among others reasons of Nigeria’s computer market instability, despite a steady demand for computer products across the globe, says the Lagos newspaper the Independent.

Mac Eze, the Vice President of Computer Dealers and Allied Products Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), reviewing last year’s results of the market, said in a statement that “there is nothing encouraging about computer market this year in Nigeria. The economy is not friendly, but aside that there are other extraneous factors that must be put at bay”.

Eze, a major importer and distributor of computer products at Lagos Computer Village, arguably the largest computer product market in Africa, noted that, apart from the global economic downturn and its effects on computer markets, some experts believe import duties charged on computer products by the government contribute to a large extent to the challenges facing the market.

First Vice President of Computer Society of Nigeria, David Adewunmi, argued that Nigerians will continue paying more for computer products if government doesn’t properly finance IT education in schools and encourage local system builders of such products.

Although cellphones and hardware products were the most sought-after last year, a healthy demand of computer products is still debatable and increasing pirating is alarming, said Eze, who called on governments to act fast to protect the market in 2010 and regulate product pricing among the competitors.



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