Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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CellTrust to extend secure mobile banking to Nigeria

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CellTrust of Africa, supplier of secure mobile messaging and applications, partnered with Maxi-Pro, banking platform providers, to enable a secure enterprise messaging solution for the next generation secure mobile banking and payment in Nigeria.

CellTrust of Africa will deliver secure messaging applications for the banking platform provider, meeting the Central Bank of Nigeria’s new security criteria. The partnership agrees on extending secure mobile banking and payment services to Nigeria’s under and un-banked population through Maxi-Pro’s extensive customer base across the financial services sector.

“CellTrust SecureSMS adds significant value to our banking platform by providing the state-of-the-art mobile security required to launch a mobile banking solution in Nigeria and the entire region”, said Adeyinka Oyewumi, Managing Director, Maxim-Pro.

According to Samuel Ucheaga, Managing Director, CellTrust Africa, SecureSMS appliance and gateway provides end-to-end privacy on the mobile device via a highly encrypted, tamper-proof process while enabling message sizes up to 5.000 characters. The application features a remote wipe in case of lost or stolen handset.

An average of 100.000 subscribers are expected in the first six months of operation for the new Secure SMS/Text Mobile Banking program launched via CellTrust’s Global SecureSMS Gateway. Thesolution is also expected to lower fraud and demands made on call centers for IVR authentication.

CellTrust is a provider of secure mobile messaging and applications. Its application, SecureSMS Gateway, offers advanced secure mobile messaging and information management across 200+ countries and over 700 carriers, ensuring secured exchanged information on mobile devices to the financial services, healthcare, government, education, energy, information technology, marketing, and travel, among other global industries.

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