SAP roadshow hits Nigeria

SAP_logo.pngCustomers, partners, influencers and prospects are expected in big numbers to convene at the SAP World Tour for Large Enterprises from Monday, 7 to Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at The Orient Hotel , Lagos, Nigeria .

The SAP West Africa World Tour which is sponsored by CWG, Serve Consulting (Platinum sponsors), IBM,Britehouse, EOH, C2G (Gold sponsor), Egbeniran & Co. and Accenture (Silver sponsors), features a welcome address by SAP Africa’s managing director, Pfungwa Serima.

This global road show, taking place in more than 70 cities spread over 50 countries, has reached more than 240,000 customers, partner and influencers over the last five years, providing businesses with information on how SAP® solutions can help companies of all sizes successfully transform business challenges into opportunities and meet the demands of their industry and market.

The worldwide event theme for 2009, “See Your Way Clear: Strategies for Success in the New Reality,” explores how companies can achieve transparency in every area of their operations to be best-run businesses in today’s challenging economic environment. Attendees will learn how to harness the power of technology in order to run lean operations, capture greater market share and gain transparency in their operations.

The tour is designed to enable dialogue with influencers, customers and prospects – along with members of the SAP ecosystem and parties interested in partnering with SAP. Through interactive formats; including industry- and product-specific breakout sessions, participants will learn how the SAP business software solution portfolio can help companies adapt more quickly to changing market needs, differentiate against tougher competition, execute growth strategies in an international environment and maximize results with existing resources while continuing to concentrate on core business competencies and maintain close customer relations.

In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to choose from a number of different breakout sessions to further engage in conversations about: CIO break-out, SAP Banking, SAP Public Services, SAP Oil & Gas, SAP for Telco, Utilities, Travel & Transport.

“The SAP Large Enterprise World Tour continues to be a successful event. Based on the specific needs of our African companies, SAP can truly work with its customers, prospects and partners to discuss how technology enables companies to derive increased understanding and visibility, so they can meet the ever increasing need to be more transparent and accountable,” said Simon Carpenter, director: Strategic Initiatives at SAP Africa. “At the West Africa World tour for Large Enterprises, SAP will explore new and essential strategies for using technology to gain the strategic clarity necessary for success in the business world today”.

The SAP Large Enterprise World Tour offers customers and partners throughout the world a local event similar to SAPPHIRE®, the company’s annual international customer conference. The tour provides attendees with an opportunity to network with peers, industry partners and SAP executives, and receive valuable first-hand updates on SAP and SAP BusinessObjects solutions.