Glo One Submarine Cable Debuts in Lagos

The $800 million Glo 1 undersea cable has landed in Lagos. The landing of the submarine cable in Lagos makes Globacom the first single operator to successfully link submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, a project that is designed to crash telecom prices and make bandwidth abundantly available.

This event is historical because it is the 1st time that a single company has embarked on such a projoct on the continent. The trend in the global telecommunication industry is for a consortium of companies or even nations to combine resources to build submarine cables as was the case with the SAT submarine 3 cable which was built by a consortium of 36 countries.

With the successful landing of the submarine cable in Lagos, Globacom says it will likely commence commercial operation after the commercial launch in 6 weeks time.


  1. This is quite an achievement. I believe with this there will be a strong challenge to other telecomm operators in Nig.

  2. i like this investment. Africans should mKE USE OF THIS ict venue to explore more idea to figure out what we are lacking for many years now.

    I am in Nigeria and i want to get linked to the glo-1 submarine stuff. If you have contacts pls link me uo so that i can start negotiations with them. my email is


  3. Its been six months since the cable landed. Yet , to my knowledge it is not yet operational . Do you know when it will become operational ?

  4. There are three different submarine cable consortium’s bringing fibre optic cabling from europe to Nigeria in the next 24 months. From what friends tell me who are in the industry is that Glo are finalising their marketing strategy and undergoing delays from the Govt (who are probably looking for a way to raise revenue from Glo) Its is going to be very interesting as cheap internet can revolutionise Africa’s most populous country.

  5. Hope internet gets fast, I have been having some problems with speed. That Glo crap of going to 3g areas to browse fast is not good.
    See MTN,they’re doing fine. You can browse fast anywhere, now thats good stuff. Hope Glo gets better than mtn?

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