Fijitsu extends security portfolio

FUJITSU has extended its security portfolio with “Advanced Theft Protection” (ATP) technology designed to offer complete protection for mobile equipment and its system and user data.

The new solution enables notebook owners to lock their stolen or lost device remotely, or alternatively lock them by setting a time-controlled trigger.

Once disabled by this lock function, the notebook cannot be restarted and the device becomes useless to unauthorized users.

Integrated in the notebook hardware and based on an encrypted architecture, this new technology is fully tamper-proof.

ATP technology makes the protection of stolen or lost notebooks.

Remote device locking is an integral part of ATP and is currently supported by the Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 and Lifebook E8420 models with Intel vPro technology.

The security solution is available when you buy your notebook from Fujitsu
and its partners.

In combination with the Computrace Data Protection and Computrace One solutions from Absolute Software, users can also remotely delete data from stolen notebooks.

Likewise, lost devices can be traced and recovered. All current Lifebooks from Fujitsu support these functions.

Rajat Kakar, vice president Clients Group at Fujitsu Technology Solutions said: “Notebooks offer mobility and comfort, unfortunately they are also frequently lost or stolen, as the use of mobile devices increases, inherently, the security requirements for these devices increase as well.

“It is therefore imperative for companies to ensure that their devices and sensitive data are reliably protected. In several instances, this becomes a matter of basic compliance. To support our customer’s needs, Fujitsu’s new ‘Advanced Theft Protection’ technology ensures that they are safe,”
said Kakar.

Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace.