Telkom, labour body continue clashes

telkom_01.jpgJohannesburg, (IT News Africa)–THERE is no end in sight to the deadlock over salary increments between Telkom and labour bodies representing employees, the workers were picketing outside the CCMA in Johannesburg on Monday.

While the Communication Workers Union and Telkom will be meeting under the auspices of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration today following a meeting of the Telkom Board that was held recently, CWU members in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and Western Cape went on strike this

CWU officials maintained that the workers will not be reporting for work but will be picketing at key workplaces of Telkom in the three provinces until tomorrow.

CWU members in Gauteng are also expected to march to Telkom Head Office tomorrow to deliver a memorandum outlining their grievances and demands.

“Telkom is warned by CWU members to make meaningful offers or face a serious showdown with the union as members would not accept conditional agreements.

Our members are still adamant that their salary scales adjustments should precede the 7.5% salary increment and both the adjustment and increment must be implemented retrospectively to the 1st
April 2009.

Another burning matter was the equitable distribution of Telkom profits to its employees,” says Gallant Roberts, CWU general secretary.

“We therefore call upon all our members in Gauteng; Kwazulu Natal & Western Cape to join the actions planned for the 3rd 4th August 2009, and call on our leadership and members in other provinces to continue with their pickets; overtime ban and go-slows as a build-up to the national march of 11 August 2009 and subsequent actions.


  1. Telkom s/a has been dishonest with the public to-date , audio visual on cell should have been released =-15 years ago but gone the long route too make money out of old cell stock(imported 1st world)using the cell companies as an excuse too overcosting of communications in s/a/highly priced for extension phones/not saterlite frequency signal
    dect,micro wave etc…
    ***dismissed (AA affected)job redundent position,Bulls mess !!!!!decieved exemployee, with a grudge for liars..
    Wh a slow down in Technology = suppression by goverment services
    Our powers to beee…East africa/west africa optic is on the way!!! plenty of it, save your money…

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