SA sports body becomes hoax e-mail target

srsa.jpgSouth African government body, Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA), has become the target of a new hoax e-mail, telling victims of the scam that the organization is giving away over USD2 million in an online lottery connected to the FIFA world cup.

The organisation completely dissociated itself from the e-mail scam.

SRSA said in a statement: “While SRSA plays a key role with regards to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it is neither running any competition nor supporting any agency running a competition relating to 2010 World Cup or the Lottery,”

“The bogus competition claims that “participants were selected through a computer based ballot system draw from over 7,500,000.00 telephone directories (individual and company names) from all over the globe as part of our electronic business promotion programs”. The scam is also said to be “a bonus for the whole world in support of the hosting right of 2010 soccer world cup to be held in South Africa.”

Cyber criminals have recently tried to lure people into buying non-existent 2009 Confederation Cup and 2010 World Cup tickets.

“The Department wishes to also add its voice in urging South Africans to be vigilant and only transact with official ticketing websites and over the counter facilities provided,” SRSA added.


  1. Can anyone please let me know if there is a competition that selects your cell number for FIFA 2010 International Awards? They give a reference number and everything but I can’t find any information on this.

  2. I too have received this text message in Australia. I am very weary of these type of emails but this is the first time something like this has been sent to my mobile phone. I tried to google information on this but only found reference to the email hoaxes. The text message references a ticket number and that I have been awarded $800,000. I am supposed to contact an “Adams Collin” on a South African telephone number with my name, cell phone number, ticket number and email or fax number.

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