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MTN introduces numberless Pay As You Go SIM packs

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MTN_FIFA2010.jpgIn compliance with ICASA regulations, MTN Pay As You Go has started to introduce newly packaged SIM card kits that do not contain predetermined numbers. Every new SIM pack will contain a detailed leaflet instructing customers how to acquire a number and activate the SIM card.

This new procedure will also apply to prepaid SIM swaps, where customers wish to retain a lost or stolen cell number.

Says Donovan Smith, General Manager for Consumer Segments, MTN SA: “MTN has introduced this new method to ensure the continued ease of access to our products and services for our customers as we continue striving towards meeting their needs for communication services. We understand that change is not always easy, but we believe that this is going to enhance the overall experience of customers as they will have continued access to MTN products and services.”

After inserting their new numberless SIM card into their cell phone and switching it on, customer will now receive a message asking them whether they want to get a new number, or perform a SIM swap. If the customer elects to get a new number, a number will be generated by the MTN system and will be displayed on the cell phone screen. Switching the phone off and on again will complete the process. A SMS will be sent to the customer confirming their new number.

Should the customer wish to do a SIM swap, they will be prompted to switch their cell phone off and on again. The customer will then need to call the MTN Customer Service Centre on 173 and speak to an agent to complete the SIM swap.
Customers will still need to supply the same information currently required when calling the MTN Customer Service centre to carry out a SIM swap, which includes the cell number in question, their ID number and the three numbers they most frequently call.

Customers who have queries or require assistance are advised to contact the MTN Customer Service Centre on 173 from an MTN number or 083 173 from any other number, or to go to any MTN branded store.

— Charl Lombard


  1. actually this is a right step taken at a right time. congrat. Please i bought an MTN sim card to do my welcome back, i filled all the necessary requirements but unfortunately it must impossible. Please can you assist me in that, but i have inserted the card in the phone but presently is not in the phone. These are the needed things.
    My name Zinmene Gonap, lost mtn number 08039214043, new mtn number 07068091078, last recharged with #100, thre numbers are 08065565644, 07032142119, 08067035085.
    I will be grateful if my request is given a due consideration.

  2. I lost my mtn line 08038549920 on 25th May 2009. last recharge is 100 naira. frequently called numbers are 07038452483, 08034284626, 08034158362. The new sim i bought is 08037888647. pls can u help me with a sim swap. i will be grateful if u can. Thank you.

  3. I lost my mtn line 07069782008 on 25th june 2009 last recharge is 100 naira frequently calling numbers are 07062571418. 080608559750. 08023891117.the new sim i bought is 08131984766. Ple can you help me a sim swap. i will be grateful if you help me thank you

  4. i block my sim mistakely try to put a phone code on my phone, and i have lost my sim pack what do i do pls help me. my personal number is 07030979558 and the freuqent numbers i call are 07035653128,08033892200,08033493460. please i will appreciate it if my request will be put into consideration.

  5. Please i lost my phone and i bought a numberless welcome back pack, hw do i perform a sim swap, they requested for my new number

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