Etisalat pioneers in-flight mobile services


etisalat_01.gifMobile and satellite communications service provider, Etisalat, says that over 56 000 of its customers have used its in-flight mobile service, since its introduction through the AeroMobile system a year ago.

Says Essa Al Haddad, Etisalat’s Chief Marketing Officer: “Etisalat’s In-flight mobile services target a niche audience who prefer to be virtually connected all the time. Since its launch last year, Etisalat’s in-flight mobile services have been a huge success and have received tremendous positive appreciation from its customers. We are proud to be leaders in this niche market, providing connectivity even in the sky,”

“GPRS data services are also available for our customers in air, enabling them to surf the internet, download their emails, or enjoy multimedia services, while flying.”

Etisalat customers can benefit from the in-flight mobile services while traveling on the Emirates airlines to 60 selected routes including Cairo, Khartoum, and, Johannesburg among other cities.

The service enables passengers to safely make and receive calls and SMS text messages while in-flight. The service was first piloted by Etisalat in the UAE a year ago, on an Emirates flight between Dubai and Casablanca. The system has since been installed on 32 of the airline’s aircraft, representing 25% of the total fleet.