Tata Communications closes cable deal with Seacom


Tata Communications has closed a deal with Seacom to be come an anchor tenant customer on the latter’s undersea cable system. This deal will allow Tata Communications to provide fully integrated network services from South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya to its networks in Europe, Asia and India.

A subsidiary of Tata Communications has also been awarded the network administration, operations and maintenance contract of the cable. The cable carries a1.28 Terabit per second bandwidth capacity.

Says Byron Clatterbuck, Senior Vice President, Global Transmission Services at Tata Communications: “Through this major infrastructure build-out and our expertise in undersea cable operations, Tata Communications is uniquely positioned to provide efficient and experienced management,”

Clatterbuck also said that the deal will allow the company to provide connectivity solutions to business destinations all over the world.