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Galdon Data upbeat about Captaris acquisition

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Claiming the most experience and knowledge in the RightFax support market, Galdon Data is upbeat about the Captaris acquisition by Open Text Corporation, a global leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Galdon Data says the acquisition has brought about a plethora of new business opportunities.

Captaris is a global provider of software products that automate document-centric processes. Its products include leading document and data capture solutions that let customers convert paper documents to digital content, and manage associated processes. It offers business information and delivery solutions built on the Microsoft .NET framework which integrates, processes and automates the flow of content.

Galdon Data MD Garry Ackerman says Galdon will expand its offerings by creating tighter integration with Open Text’s solutions. “Captaris’s technology will strengthen Open Text’s ECM solutions. We are committed to continuing Captaris’s products, and partner and customer support. We have been providing support across the country for nearly 10 years.”

Galdon Data is a services oriented company that provides solutions for Business Process Automation and Unified Communications. This encompasses Information Capture, Business Information Delivery, convergence and document solutions using the Microsoft, Captaris and Autonomy (Cardiff) range of products.

Its long experience, certifications and national presence in the RightFax space has allowed Galdon Data to deliver successful projects across the country. Galdon Data has extensive experience in integrating RightFax into the business process and line of business applications. These projects include SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint and Multi Function Products (scan/ print/copy & fax stations).

“Customers need to understand the value of working with an experienced partner like Galdon Data, we emphasise the use of RightFax as it enables users to improve productivity and reduce the time, cost and complexity of exchanging important business documents,” he says.

The RightFax Microsoft Exchange Module gives users one centralised place to send, receive and manage fax and emails, through their Outlook email inbox, with seamless integration. It gives users one centralised place to send, receive and manage fax and emails, through their Outlook email inbox and with easy integration. The module installs at the server, so there is no need to install additional software on each desktop and no need for additional user training.

Furthermore, the RightFax Microsoft Exchange Module links the Exchange mail server and Active Directory with RightFax desktop faxing and database synchronisation features, creating a fully unified fax and email solution. One can further extend this Unified Messaging platform via Office Communication Server allowing for voice integration as well.

“Our strong partnership philosophy enables companies to work with a partner that looks after their interest. Our specialised Business Process Automation skills and experience ensure that we are able to help our customers impact positively on the bottom line,” concludes Ackerman.

By using a RightFax fax server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet. Galdon Data delivers the most reliable fax software solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, allowing enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions.

He says with cost reductions, RightFax significantly reduces the time it takes employees to exchange documents with customers or suppliers, resulting in faster sales cycles, quicker customer service and improved efficiency. “The document security offers a trusted and reliable fax server and electronic document delivery solutions that will help companies comply with regulations and safeguard information security and privacy.”

Galdon Data director Fairoz Jaffer says fax and email are amongst the greatest productivity and collaboration tools a business possesses. “Galdon Data relies on technology to quickly and securely exchange and manage the important information that drives its clients businesses. By bringing them together in one convenient location, organisations can utilise the possibilities of both technologies to enhance organisational effectiveness.”

Galdon Data’s extensive Microsoft development and integration skills have enabled Galdon to develop solutions for RightFax that add business benefits. Products include GFX (Archive and billing for RightFax), GFX Plus (Free text OCR that facilitates ECM), and Decade (Document Creation and Delivery engine).

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