Ericsson rolls out new Cellcom GSM network in Guinea

Leading global telecom services company, Ericsson, successfully rolled out a new GSM network in Guinea for the Cellcom Group. The new network, Cellcom Guinee, commercially launched on the 05 May 2008 reflects the growing partnership between the two companies.

“We were confident that Ericsson was the right choice for us because of the company’s proven track record of delivering as well as its established footprint across the continent,” maintains Hanoch Dombek, CEO of Cellcom Guinee, “and this culminated in our successful commercial launch in May this year. We see a steady growth in our network and have now reached more than six hundred thousand subscribers.”

The Cellcom Guinee GSM network, which covers the Guinean capital of Conakry and the country’s main rural areas, is based on the latest Ericsson Mobile Soft Switch (MSS) technology. Ericsson has also supplied the network’s entire GSM telecommunication infrastructure, including packet network (GPRS and EDGE), GSM radio, Microwave and SDH transmission equipment.

“The network rollout was an exciting challenge for us and we are delighted it went so well,” confirms Jan Embro, president of Ericsson’s market unit sub-Saharan Africa (MUSA), “we were positive that this project would be successful, as we have a long history with Guinea and now supply the country’s three major operators.”

Cellcom Guinee is a subsidiary of the Cellcom Group and the successful rollout further strengthens the promising association between the two companies. “Like Ericsson, the Cellcom Group has a commitment to the African continent and its growth potential and it makes sense for us to continue to benefit by sharing our African expertise and experience,” affirms Embro.