ASSA ABLOY secures optimized time & attendance through Accsys

Teryl_2008_02.jpgASSA ABLOY (SA) (Pty) Ltd., Southern Africa’s largest supplier of quality locking systems and associated products, has confirmed its decision to increase its investment in time & attendance technology and services from Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll management solutions.

The lock system and solutions manufacturer is represented as an amalgamation of large lock groups and was acquired by the ASSA ABLOY Group in the period 2000 to 2001.

It has one large manufacturing units in Southern Africa and its network of six branches and agencies is spread across South Africa including Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Orange Free State and Namibia.

Other sites and distribution points are located in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Accsys has been the solution and service provider of choice for ASSA ABLOY for sixteen years and the company has helped to ensure that its client runs a fully optimized, entirely streamlined time and attendance system.

Representatives from ASSA ABLOY have rolled out the Accsys Peopleware solution as well as the service provider’s acclaimed time & attendance software across its local operation.

At the same time the decision was made to beta test the software in conjunction with two GSM clocks from Accsys.

A GSM clock works off remote access and wireless technology and is produced with a built-in cell phone modem. The principle and key strength of the technology is that it allows for instant communication between multiple sites.

For example a GSM clock at a company gathers and stores all clock-in details. Once the system has recorded twenty seven clock-ins the system connects with the modem at head office and automatically sends a full report through in the form of a conventional SMS. However the system can be randomly tweaked and changed to send through an updated report at any time.

The essence of its value lies in proactive controlled time & attendance management.

Among the additional benefits of Accsys’ time & attendance software is the reduction of wage bills through the elimination of time theft, fraudulent clocking and controlling unauthorized overtime. Furthermore the solution ensures all time-based pay calculations are correct, that statutory and other rules are correctly and systematically applied, and provides for instant access to historical information.

Firnesia Gouws, payroll administrator at ASSA ABLOY (SA) (Pty) Ltd., says the system worked so well that the company called on Accsys to install the same technology at the new building site established at the beginning of 2008.

“Until recently all our employees have been based on one site. This changed when we moved our warehouse to another site. It was then that we contacted our partner Accsys to see what they could offer us to ensure continuity for the time and attendance system,” explains Gouws.

“We have always had an amazing relationship with Accsys both with their service and support and will continue to use them, because of their service ability. All new technology that was introduced and tested worked perfectly for our company. It is wonderful to work with a company and have the relationship we have,” she adds.
Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, describes ASSA ABLOY as a rapidly expanding group that continues to meet the needs of a growing market locally and internationally.

“As one of our long standing clients, the ASSA ABLOY Group is an example of how reliable quality and effective support can combine to truly enhance operation, reduce costs and maximize business response and continuity,” says Schroenn.