Benefits of Satellite launch to Africa

The Nigeria Communications Satellite (NigComSat-1) which was launched in China Sunday will provide services in telecommunications, broadcasting and to facilitate navigation activities, member, governing board, NigComSat Limited, Dr. Bashir Gwandu has said.

Speaking at the live-launch of the Satellite at the Olusegun Obasanjo Space Center, Abuja Sunday, Dr .Bashir said; “Bandwidth is the life-blood of the world’s knowledge economy, but it is scarcest where it is most needed -in the developing nations of Africa which require low-cost communications to accelerate their socio-economic development.”

He said the launch of the satellite means amongst other things: increased opportunities for Nigerians in diverse areas; saving of scarce foreign exchange, meeting the telecommunication needs of the people, improved access to hard-to-reach areas, improved technology transfer, improvement in national security.

Gwandu said Nigeria is rated as one of the fastest growing telecommunications economies in the world. World-Bank studies have indicated that every dollar invested in telecommunications translates to $6 of economic benefit to the country or the region where such investments are made, and internet use increases total export by 4.3 percent.

“This is why most governments around the world are encouraging the investment and deployment of ICT.”

He said NigComsat-1 is a geo-stationary satellite that has transponders operating in C, Ku, ka, and L bands to provide services in telecommunications, and broadcasting and to facilitate navigation activities.

Typically, in the C-Band we have: four active transponders with a channel size of 36MHz, A fixed beam over West Africa (+Algeria and Libya) with unrivaled EIRP over the regions.

In the Ku Band 14 active transponders with a channel size of 31.5MHz, two fixed beams with inter-switching capability, ECOWAS1 and ECOWAS2, over West and East Africa respectively.
The Ka Band: Covers: Nigeria, South Africa, and Europe, with eight transponders, for high-speed data services and the L-Band: Has two transponders for navigation services.

“The Launch is a huge step for Africa to continue to control its destiny. Indeed, Nigeria has today made Sub-Saharan Africa a proud region and a region to be counted in the telecoms arena, and has demonstrated that we as a people have come of age”.

“A community deprived of communication infrastructure has been deprived of ability to exhaust the value of information. Information is a resource that is a key in every aspect of human existence, be it Education, Empowerment of citizenry, Labour, Economic growth, poverty reduction etc. With information and the ability to communicate it, the gap between urban and rural areas is significantly diminished”, he said.

Source: Daily Trust


  1. Am very happy that Nigeria is now connected to the broadband super high way. I want to however stress that with this development the economics of the west should allow Nigerians to venture into such business as shoping on ebay and opening of paypal and clickbank account for us genuine Internet enterprenurs.

  2. It is heartwarming that Nigeria has joined the league of countries hooked onto the information superhighway. I am happy and proud of my country.The only thing am worried about now is “how do we get computers at affordable prices for the use of the commoners like myself?”

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