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  • Claudio Polla Tintri 1

    Solving the VDI deployment nightmare

    July 29, 2014 • OpinionComments Off

    Back in 2009, Gartner predicted there would be 49 million VDI users by the end of 2013. From what we’ve noticed at Tintri, VDI deployments are constantly on the rise as more customers recognise the advantages of VDI every day. The advantages of VDI are...

  • Michael Church, enterprise manager, Citrix, South Africa (image: Citrix)

    Think 2014 will be the year of VDI? Think again

    March 6, 2014 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments Off

    The time has come to say goodbye to a much loved annual event: declaring the coming year as the “Year of VDI”. There is no doubt that VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) deployments will continue to grow, use cases will develop and the technology will...