UNICAF’s VLE, a new Portal to Higher Education

Larnaca, CYPRUS (December 9, 2016) – The sector of online learning is experiencing a boom worldwide, with more and more companies and institutions, competing for a piece of the pie. At the same time, newer and more efficient technologies are continuously being developed, with the purpose of widening access to online education and solving specific problems in e-learning.

UNICAF is a generous Scholarship Programme that partners with reputable institutions of Higher Education to provide affordable and quality online degree programmes to students in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world. Among the plethora of online courses on offer today, those that stand out are the ones backed by the reputation and expertise of established Higher Education providers, like the universities UNICAF is in partnership with.  These include the University of South Wales in the UK, Marymount California University in the US, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, and Unicaf University in Africa. In order to facilitate the provision of quality Higher Education to under privileged students, living away from the main hubs of educational excellence in Europe and the US, UNICAF has developed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which allows 24/7 access from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The well thought out UNICAF VLE and other software utilise an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect all of UNICAF’s platforms, and create a personal account for every new student, once their registration process is complete.

Designed to offer much more than basic information, (like course study material, deadlines for assignments and exams, as well as teaching schedules), the UNICAF VLE allows tutors to upload videos, lecture notes or articles that can be useful to students. Additionally, an integrated messaging system and a chat forum let students contact tutors or fellow classmates whenever they need a clarification, an answer to a question, or even some reassurance. This constant exchange of data, ideas, advice, information and support makes UNICAF’s VLE stand out and minimises the risk of students dropping out from their course.

Students living in areas with an unreliable internet connection have the option of visiting one of UNICAF’s Information and Learning Centres (https://www.unicaf.org/information-centres/) found in various locations; there they have access to the internet, to computers and digital libraries, as well as assistance from trained personnel. The UNICAF VLE is also available to students of Unicaf University. The University employs a fully online and a blended learning approach, (part online and part on campus teaching),  that proved to provide the best and most effective learning experience for students.

For more information about the UNICAF VLE please visit https://www.unicaf.org/online-experience/


Eva Koursoumba
PR & Communications Adviser
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