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Become a Leader in Your Country’s Public Healthcare Sector, with a UK MSc Public Health, through UNICAF

With a rapid population growth, as seen in African countries, arises the need for high quality public healthcare, that can serve all parts of the country. With a limited number of doctors, healthcare practitioners and nurses, who are on the frontline of medical care provision, efficient management of resources becomes crucial in developing a sustainable national public healthcare programme, that can adequately cover the largest number of patients at the lowest possible cost.Read more

Study Programmes That Work for You

Studying a specific subject no longer means that you just read books and learn material by heart. For today’s graduates, not comprehending the deeper meaning and the practical application of the information received, can result in entering the job arena unprepared and overwhelmed.Read more

Earn a UK BA in Business Administration Through UNICAF

As one of the most versatile Bachelor degrees, the BA in Business Administration is also one of the most requested by employers. This challenging course takes students on a journey through the current and future needs of the business world. Each of the courses modules provides in-depth knowledge into a different area of expertise, covering the financial and administrative side of business.Read more

The UNICAF Mobile App

In an increasingly digital world, more and more of our time is spent online. The internet provides a wide range of information and possibilities, but it may also create difficulties, especially with regard to filtering out key information from websites. This is why UNICAF has created the UNICAF mobile application. Designed to complement the UNICAF website, the UNICAF mobile app enables users to have the most important information at their fingertips.Read more

Unicaf University Announces Partnership with eLearnAfrica

Unicaf University has announced today that its programmes will be available on, thereby extending further the University’s reach throughout the continent. Read more

UNICAF's VLE, a new Portal to Higher Education

The sector of online learning is experiencing a boom worldwide, with more and more companies and institutions, competing for a piece of the pie. At the same time, newer and more efficient technologies are continuously being developed, with the purpose of widening access to online education and solving specific problems in e-learning. Read more

UNICAF Partners with Unicaf University

UNICAF is proud to announce its latest partnership with the opening of the Unicaf University campus in Lilongwe, Malaw. Unicaf University is a unique and exciting new development that promises to provide greater higher education opportunities and a brighter prospect to aspiring students, both locally and from the surrounding regions.Read more

New Branch Campus by Unicaf University

Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest online higher education platform, UNICAF is set to build a network of campuses – the first in the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ – Malawi. The significant technological advances in sub-Saharan Africa enabled UNICAF and Unicaf University to enhance its online offering and to increase access to quality higher education. Unicaf University received approval by the Malawi government and has established a new campus in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe. Read more