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Social entrepreneurship is driving growth in Africa and beyond

Developing Social enterprises can accelerate innovation and spur economic growth, according to Pfungwa Serima, Executive Chairman of SAP Africa.

Entrepreneurs are transforming business models and building new, strategic markets in a way, and at a pace, that large corporations and governments often cannot emulate. Moreover, corporate responsibility ensures sustainability says, Peter Conze, Country Director, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) South Africa, Lesotho & Botswana in a whitepaper on Social Responsibility in South Africa. Conze further elaborates, Around the world, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their activities. They are striving to make their business decisions more sustainable by applying the principle of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the company, in the wider environment they operate in, and in their relationship with suppliers and customers. In line with their own economic interests, businesses small and large, domestic and international are starting to share responsibility for the ecological and social situation in their immediate environment. Examples include the protection of human rights, drawing up and implementing employment and environmental standards and minimising corruption.

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