Is Cybercrime on the rise in SA?

February 20, 2015 • Security, Southern Africa, Top StoriesComments (0)

The recent announcement by the National Protection Authority of South Africa (NPA) revealed that 177 cybercrime cases had been finalised in the past year, and has highlighted the need for individuals to make sure that they are adequately protected from hackers. This is according to Athol Wesselink, Chief Technical Engineer at OpenWeb – a nationwide...

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Kaspersky Lab

Cyber Espionage group attacking thousands of victims globally

February 19, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team have discovered Desert Falcons – a cyber espionage group targeting multiple high profile organisations and individuals from Middle East countries. Kaspersky Lab experts consider this to be the first known...

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Nigeria: Education sector vulnerable to hackers

February 17, 2015 • Security, Top Stories, West AfricaComments (0)

The Nigerian education sector embraced online solutions to cater for an improved record management system, e-result checker, and eLearning platform. However, this has led to increased vulnerabilities in portals of universities and other higher institutions of...

CA Technologies

Study reveals application economy demands new approach to security

February 16, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Protection is still the main driver for security, but a new study reveals that organisations understand that the application economy demands a new view and approach to security. The study by CA Technologies dubbed “8 Steps to Modernise Security for the...


Ransomware set to plague South Africa

February 13, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Ransomware – a type of malware that stops people from using their computers and accessing their data until a ransom is paid to the creator – is rearing its head in South Africa, this is according to IT security vendor, Securicom. According to the company,...

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Dating apps could get you hacked this Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015 • East Africa, North Africa, Security, Southern Africa, Top Stories, West AfricaComments (1)

This Valentine’s day, your chances of finding love on an app as well as online dating sites can put you at greater risk when it comes to cyber attacks. In fact, with South Africa’s, as well as Africa’s, burgeoning mobile user market and more than...

smart homes

Are smart homes becoming easy prey for hackers?

January 29, 2015 • Opinion, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

While the increasing use of home automation technology to create your version of a ‘smart house’ may be all the trend and seem practical, Richard Keymer Head of Pre-sales at SecureData Africa warns of the flipside in that once an automation system is...

Whatsapp web

New WhatsApp scam on the warpath

January 20, 2015 • Features, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

As Africa is becoming more mobile focused, connecting via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook and Twitter is becoming more of a necessity. We, as Africans, use these platforms daily to not only converse with our peers, but to also conduct...

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab identifies internal corporate IT threats

January 16, 2015 • SecurityComments (0)

According to the 2014 Global Corporate IT Security Risks survey, conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 27% of all businesses have lost sensitive business data due to internal IT threats in the past 12 months. However, the global data shows that...

a recent survey shows 48% of HP customers like advice from their peers via online forums specific to their software. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington)

The Future of CyberSecurity

January 14, 2015 • Company News, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

October 2014 marked forty-five years since the very first message was sent over the net – Arpanet (the forerunner of the internet) that is. Back then we didn’t have firewalls; there was nothing to monitor suspicious activity. It was a trusted environment...


What are the keys to effective information security?

December 17, 2014 • SecurityComments (0)

Rapidly evolving cyber threats and attack modes mean that every organisation should assume it has already been breached. The question now is – what to do next? Not only have cyber criminals become more sophisticated, but enterprise exposure to risk is...

Kaspersky Lab

Looking back at 2014’s cyber threats

December 10, 2014 • SecurityComments (0)

In 2014, Kaspersky Lab experts saw considerable growth in the number of malicious attacks on user computers and mobile devices, further development of financial malware and a change in the vectors of web attacks. According to Kaspersky Lab, based on the...

Top 5 2015 Cyber Security Threat Predictions

Top 5 2015 Cyber Security Threat Predictions

December 4, 2014 • Lists, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

As 2015 approaches Fortinet and its threat research division FortiGuard Labs, have taken a look ahead to determine the most significant cyber security threats of the upcoming New Year – both from the perspective of a Black Hat hacker, as well as a Threat...

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Infographic: How much do cybercriminals make from their victims?

December 1, 2014 • SecurityComments (0)

Cybercriminals could be raking in profits 20 times greater than the cost of their attacks, according to figures compiled by Kaspersky Lab experts. Their research compared the cost of the most frequently used hacker tools with the money stolen in a successful...


Security a top priority as Africa moves to LTE

November 11, 2014 • Opinion, SecurityComments Off on Security a top priority as Africa moves to LTE

Securing the network is a top priority for telcos and carriers as LTE becomes increasingly mainstream across Africa, says Fortinet. Perry Hutton, regional director of Fortinet for Africa, says: “LTE is changing the playing field. The previous generation of...

Cisco Connect 2014. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington).

Security research in SA uncovers heightened IT security risks

November 4, 2014 • Security, Southern Africa, Top StoriesComments Off on Security research in SA uncovers heightened IT security risks

Critical company data is at risk in South Africa as a result of organisations focusing IT security policies and resources more on external threats, such as cybercriminals and hackers, and not enough on the threat from within the business… this is...