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Financial services organisations take 100 days to identify cyber threats

October 7, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Although financial services organisation are well aware that they are the targets of serious and advanced security threats, they struggle to identify attacks once they are inside their network. This is according to a new Ponemon Institute Survey. Known as “dwell” time, the average time span it takes to identify these attacks is 98 days [&hellip...

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Kaspersky Lab’s heuristic detection protection subsystem has successfully blocked attacks via a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash (image: Charlie Fripp)

Almost a third of users do nothing to protect online payments

October 5, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

A test conducted by Kaspersky Lab has shown that many users do not know (or know, but do not follow) basic security rules when making online payments or using online banking systems. For example, only half of users check if a website is authentic before...

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Threat of cyber attacks on the rise

October 2, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Worldwide, entertainment and media companies are increasingly becoming targets for cybercrime as cyber criminals find new and innovative ways to defeat security measures and controls. The theft of intellectual property or commercially sensitive information,...


Your personal information may not be as private as you think

October 1, 2015 • Opinion, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

You’re watching your son play a school soccer match. Your camera is ready when he scores the winning goal, taking his team to victory. You’re so proud; you can’t wait to share the news. Along with the picture, you write: “The goal that made Sunny...

Gartner Symposium 2015

Gartner says organisations must invest in three risk principles

September 28, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

At the 2015 Gartner Symposium, which is currently being held at CTICC in Cape Town South Africa, Gartner stated that organisations – in Africa as well as globally – must invest in three risk disciplines to increase trust and resilience. Running a...

Mongezi Tshongweni

Concern raised over Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill in SA

September 22, 2015 • Opinion, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

The draft Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill currently out for public comment is timeous in that it proposes legislation that will bring South Africa in line with international laws governing internet-based crimes. However, the Bill is excessively...

Internet of things

Governments will have to invest in the fight against cybercrime

September 21, 2015 • Security, Software, Top StoriesComments (0)

Governments will have to invest in the fight against cybercrime if we are to mitigate the increasing risks brought on by the Internet of Things (IoT). If our South African law enforcement is to stand any chance in winning the battle against these highly...

Mobile malware

South Africa’s Android device users beware

September 17, 2015 • Security, Southern Africa, Top StoriesComments (0)

Mobile malware is on the rise and attackers have made the Android Operating System (OS) their number one target. With South Africa ranking amongst the top most affected countries in the world when it comes to incidents of mobile malware attacks, it’s time...


DDoS extortion attacks – a new threat to look out for

September 16, 2015 • Opinion, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

It is a testament to the sustained evolution of the cybersecurity landscape that we are still regularly seeing the emergence of new threats. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and ransomware are both well-established methods of cyber-attack, but we...

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Top 10 Cyber-threats for websites

September 15, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

The cyber-world can be a dark and daunting place, especially if you are building and running your own websites or have an online business. Cyber-crime in the form of hacking could result in your website being blacklisted by Google, equating to a drop in...


Breaking the Kill Chain: Protecting against the known and the unknown

September 11, 2015 • Opinion, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Data theft is big business. More than 1.3 billion records have been exposed in the last two years. The threat evolution is faster than ever– we are, on average, discovering more new threats every day than identifying already known malware. Today’s most...

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Gemalto unveils findings of 2015 Breach Level Index

September 9, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Gemalto has unveiled the findings of the Breach Level Index for the first six months of 2015, revealing that 888 data breaches occurred, compromising 246 million records worldwide. Compared to the first half of 2014, data breaches increased by 10% while the...

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Can 4K video surveillance boost safety and security in hospitals?

August 26, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Hospitals, globally and within Africa are faced with a number of security challenges, from ensuring the safety of patients and staff to preventing theft, with the added complication of very limited budgets for security solutions. Surveillance solutions are a...

By Gad Elkin, Security Sales Director, EMEA, F5 Networks.

Financial companies handle cyber threats when they happen

August 24, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Kaspersky Lab, in cooperation with B2B International, has conducted a survey* among company representatives to find out their attitudes towards information security, including financial companies’ policies towards protection from online fraud. The survey...

ashley madison

Hackers post Ashley Madison database online

August 19, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

According to a report via EWN, the details of more than 1 million Ashley Madison users has been dumped online. The report reveals that the latest high-profile cyber-attack threatens to wreak havoc in relationships across the globe. Back in July 2015...

Samsung Galaxy S6

Vulnerability found in Android devices

August 7, 2015 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

According to Check Point Software Technologies, its mobile security research team has discovered a vulnerability in Android that affects devices made by major manufacturers including LG, Samsung, HTC and ZTE. The team disclosed its findings during a briefing...