Metal Gear Solid V (9)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

August 28, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

The Metal Gear Solid series has never failed to disappoint. Even back in 2008, when the Metal Gear Solid series graced the original PlayStation console, we were introduced to stealth and tactical espionage orientated gameplay that far surpassed any other title. Fast Forward to 2015, and the Metal Gear franchise has evolved from what could [&hellip...

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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review (5)

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review

August 26, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Originally launched in 2006, as an Xbox 360 exclusive, Gears of War took the gaming world by storm. It was by far one of the best looking games at the time, and its gameplay mechanics were absolutely phenomenal. What also made the original Gears of War great...

Until Dawn Preview

Until Dawn Review

August 24, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Developer Supermassive Games and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment will be officially launching Until Dawn very soon. With still some time to spare before release, you are most probably wondering whether or not this title is actually worth picking up?...

Rare Replay Review

Review: Rare Replay

August 7, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

It’s not often, or at all, that a video game developer releases an entire compilation of the games that it had released over the past 30 years. However, times have changed as developer Rare has done just that. The Rare Replay Collection features 30...

Battleborn Preview (1)

Battleborn hands-on preview

July 31, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Battleborn may look like Borderlands; however, it is an entirely new monster which is estimated to be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015 or the first quarter of 2016. During the course of July 2015, IT News...

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

July 24, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Batman: Arkham Knight is essentially the final chapter in Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy. With previous titles in the trilogy being outstanding successes, does Batman:...

Intel Compute Stick Review

Exclusive Review: Intel Compute Stick

July 23, 2015 • Reviews, Top StoriesComments (0)

At the Intel Solutions Summit 2015 (ISS 2015) which was held at the Yas Marina Formula One Circuit in Abu Dhabi, Intel gave IT News Africa an exclusive first look at its latest innovation – the Intel Compute Stick. After spending quite some time with the...

Lego Jurassic World Review

LEGO: Jurassic World Review

July 17, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

The Lego titles have always been great. Established in 1995, developer Traveller’s Tales has introduced us to a plethora of Lego titles – which included Lego: The Hobbit, Lego: Batman, and The Lego Movie Video Game. With these titles being great...

Until Dawn Preview

Until Dawn Preview

July 13, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Video game titles have evolved dramatically over the years; however, there is not much out there that really stands out. To be honest, titles are beginning to seem generic as the traditional shooter comes out once a year and racing games have now become a...

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition (3)

Review: Payday 2 – Crimewave Edition

July 3, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

The original Payday 2 was launched on the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 in August 2013; however, developer Overkill Software and publisher 505 Games have finally brought Payday 2 to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the form of the Crimewave Edition. While...

BlackBerry Leap Review

Review: BlackBerry Leap

July 2, 2015 • Reviews, Top StoriesComments (0)

BlackBerry has launched its latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Leap, in Nigeria and South Africa. However, does the latest device from BlackBerry stand out in a crowd, or is it just another generic smartphone? Taking a closer look at the specs of the...

Farming Simulator 2015 review

Review: Farming Simulator 2015

June 23, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Most console titles tend to focus on modern warfare, tactical espionage, or a mix of the two; however, there are few titles on the market that focus on farming and agriculture. To change this, developer Giants Software and publisher Focus Home Interactive...

The Witcher 3 Review

Review: The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt

June 4, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

To say that the Witcher 3 is a typical Role-Playing-Game (RPG) is an understatement. The Witcher 3 is a genre re-defining game that has changed the expectations of gamers for years to come. For those who have never experienced a Witcher title, now is the time...

Mobicel Air Review

Review: Mobicel Air Smartphone

May 7, 2015 • Reviews, Top StoriesComments (0)

Africa has seen quite a few low to mid-range smartphones hit the market recently. The latest device to land in Africa is the Mobicel Air. Retailing for a recommended retail price (RRP) of R3500 (USD $289, according to current exchange rate), the Mobicel Air...

Mortal Kombat X review

Review: Mortal Kombat X

April 22, 2015 • ReviewsComments (0)

Mortal Kombat has changed quite a bit over the past few years. The original title graced the traditional arcade; however, the franchise slowly moved away from the arcade and took a much larger step into the living rooms of console and PC gamers. From the...

HTC One M9 Review

Review: HTC One M9

April 20, 2015 • Reviews, Top StoriesComments (0)

Back in July 2014, IT News Africa reviewed the HTC One M8. The device scored rather high during the review process. Fast forward to 2015, and we have now set our sights the latest smartphone offering from HTC – the HTC One M9. Much like the HTC One M8,...