Worldwide IT spending to decline 1.3 percent in 2015

April 14, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

Worldwide IT spending is set to shrink to $3.66 trillion in 2015, a 1.3 per cent decrease from 2014, according to the latest forecast by Gartner. Gartner said that the rising dollar is chiefly responsible for the slowdown. “We forecast US-dollar-valued worldwide IT spending in 2015 to shrink by 1.3 per cent, down from 2.4 ...

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Brendan Mc Aravey, country manager, Citrix South Africa

How Tech will change how work gets done

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More people than ever before are leaving the corporate office behind to work remotely. To address this, the technology industry has had to move fast and in just the past year, we have seen acquisitions, apps and services developed – all with a single goal:...


Data management in South Africa has its own unique challenges

April 9, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

The impact of load shedding on an organisation’s data management capabilities is adding a level of uncertainty to boardroom discussions about technology that are already strained by issues of mobility, Big Data, and which cloud option to use. Even in...

Shailendra Singh

Can Artificial Intelligence enable smarter business decision-making ability?

April 9, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

The phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI typically brings to mind images of intelligent humanoid robots performing tasks instead of people. However, while robotics is an important branch of AI, it is by no means the only aspect of this science. AI has...

Simeon Tassev, Director and QSA at Galix

Keeping the connected generation safe online

April 8, 2015 • Online, Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

Always-on connectivity has become part and parcel of today’s society, with more and more people relying heavily on email, social media and web browsing. Children growing up in this era have unprecedented access to information, multimedia and interactive...

Saurabh Kumar, MD of In2IT Technologies South Africa

Is SOA critical to business agility and transformation?

April 7, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

The term Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has fallen out of the everyday IT lexicon in recent years and replaced by the more on-trend buzzwords of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile-first, and the Social Enterprise. The reality, however, is that these new...

stage 4 load shedding

SA’s power crisis: How analytics can change the game

April 6, 2015 • Opinion, Southern Africa, Top StoriesComments (0)

Now is the ideal time for Eskom to use advanced analytics to improve decision-making and better handle South Africa’s power crisis. Eskom has always used a degree of analytics to manage power supply. However, the big data it gathers from power plants,...

mobile money

Why Mobile Money should matter to Government

April 2, 2015 • East Africa, North Africa, Opinion, Southern Africa, Top Stories, West AfricaComments (0)

Speaking at The Economist Conference in Johannesburg in late 2014, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene said, “There is a perception that financial inclusion efforts will necessarily lead to increased financial risk and hence have a negative effect on financial...

Paul Fick - head and shoulder

An effective digital strategy is key to competitiveness in tech

April 1, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

The world as we know it is being shaped and changed by a set of megatrends that leading analyst firm Gartner calls the “Nexus of Forces”. Social, mobile, cloud and big data have revolutionised the way people communicate, interact and live their lives. The...

Daryl Blundell - GM, Sage Pastel Accounting.

SMEs under pressure to use tech more effectively

March 31, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

African SMEs are under growing pressure to use technology in more sophisticated ways to meet the expectations of their customers, reduce costs, and stay ahead of growing regulatory and tax compliance demands. This is according to Daryl Blundell, General...

GIT - Mark

Securing commercial environments is vital when protecting your business

March 31, 2015 • Opinion, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Crime is a reality when doing business in any part of the world, and as such, security solutions are essential for any commercial environment. The aim of such solutions is multi-fold – they act as a deterrent to petty criminals, prevent unauthorised access...

Simeon Tassev

Secure payment processes are essential for minimising credit card fraud

March 25, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

As the Internet of Things (IoT) connects more and more devices, the potential for hacking, theft of sensitive information and other cyber-crimes extends to an ever-increasing numbers of devices. The reality is that cyber-crime pays, and the individuals and...

Mark Perry

Fast restore key to high availability in the modern data centre

March 23, 2015 • Cloud Computing, Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

The key to maintaining availability for the modern data centre is not whether you’ve protected your data by backing up – it’s how well you can recover. Everyone loses data, all the time. The MD unthinkingly deletes an important email, or a system...


Shifting perceptions: Why mobility no longer scares us

March 23, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

Enterprise mobility strategies have dramatically changed during the last few years and as a result, the IT industry’s perception of mobility is significantly more positive. But what is behind this shift in perception? A driving factor is the continual...

Frank Buytendijk_v2

Gartner: CIOs must ensure that smart machines behave ethically

March 18, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

CIOs must start considering how to develop ethical programming for smart machines, this is according to Gartner. Realising the potential of smart machines — and ensuring successful outcomes for the businesses that rely on them — will hinge on how trusted...


OTT Debate: Challenging operators to remain relevant in the market

March 18, 2015 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

Over-the-Top (OTT) services delivered via the Internet have become part and parcel of the lives of consumers today. From converged multimedia services such as High Definition (HD) audio and video to social platforms, screen sharing and other...