Gmail phishing, the latest scam to hit the internet. (Source: Forbes)

Gmail phishing: what to look out for

January 19, 2017 • Opinion, SecurityComments (0)

This sophisticated new Gmail phishing scam shows that the more savvy criminals are reacting to defence techniques and evolving their strategies to outpace them. The scam specifically counters several previously reliable measures for spotting malicious emails in order to fool its targets.   How it works: The use of a familiar attachment rather than a...

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Rick Parry, Chairman & CEO, AIGS.

Just how seriously should you take digitisation?

January 19, 2017 • General, Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

Today’s business environment is constantly being disrupted by new market entrants using innovative technology. There are the usual headline examples: The Uber app coordinates citizen drivers in a fleet-less taxi model that poses an enormous threat to...

Genome sequencing reveals the unique code that defines the physical characteristics of a person, including the likelihood that they will develop certain illnesses.

Why tech holds the key to unleashing the value of genomics

January 18, 2017 • Healthcare, OpinionComments (0)

The health sector is on the cusp of a step change that will see patients benefit from treatment that is more focused on the individual than ever before. Through the better use of data and advances in analytics, precision healthcare promises a more...

Calvin Collett, CEO at iConnect Telecoms

Don’t be unwittingly lured by the ISP honey trap

January 18, 2017 • Mobile and Telecoms, Opinion, Southern AfricaComments (0)

As the Fibre To The Home (FTTH) market explodes in the South African market, consumers are faced with a flood of Internet Service Provider (ISP) options. Choosing the right one is increasingly difficult. There can be upwards of thirty-five ISPs on a fibre...

Hertzy Kabeya, Managing Director of The Student Hub.

South African universities are in crisis. Tech could have the answer

January 17, 2017 • Education, Opinion, Southern AfricaComments (0)

2016 may have turned into 2017, but one issue refuses to go away. South African universities remain in deep crisis, with violent protests against – among other things – fee increases leading to shutdowns at many famous institutions. There could,...

Wim van der Beek, founder and managing partner of Goodwell Investments.

Opinion: How technology can create new pathways for inclusive growth

January 16, 2017 • OpinionComments (1)

The “Africa Rising” narrative is increasingly giving way to that of “Aspiring Africa”, as the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) shrinks and the new middle class burgeons, says Wim van der Beek, founder and managing partner of Goodwell Investments. Central to...

Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics.

Standing out in 2017: Top 5 Digital Signage Technologies

January 16, 2017 • Opinion, RetailComments (0)

As vital as the placement of screens and creation of dynamic content are in the effectiveness and success of in-store digital signage, technology is still the main driver in this industry. Retailers and marketing professionals need to ensure that they’re...

Angel Schaerer, Teacher Engagement Lead for Microsoft South Africa.

Opinion: Knowledge Grazing in an Information Age

January 11, 2017 • Education, OpinionComments (0)

The information revolution has shifted learning away from ordered hierarchies toward a much messier, disorganised and self-directed learning paradigm. But has this disrupted education yet? Look at the world we live in – the ways in which we access...

Calvin Collett, CEO at iConnect Telecoms

Are you getting the internet speeds you have been promised?

January 11, 2017 • Mobile and Telecoms, Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

The Internet is an essential part of our daily activities, at home and at work. As a result, the performance of your Internet connection can significantly affect productivity and impact leisure activities such as streaming movies and music. Internet Service...

Choosing a reliable technology partner is a critical moment for a small business. Try to connect with organisations in the same or similar vertical/niche.

Tips for small business owners contemplating a PC purchase

January 10, 2017 • General, OpinionComments (0)

Define the role and select the right solution set for the job As a small business, you have created roles within your organisation. You should define and understand the work required of each role. This will enable you to select the most appropriate ecosystem...

The arrival of a digital economy has ushered in an era of rapid business transformation

A hands-free option that lets companies focus on innovation

January 10, 2017 • Enterprise, Online & Social, Opinion, Southern AfricaComments (0)

The arrival of a digital economy has ushered in an era of rapid business transformation. It’s brought new business models, new value propositions and new client engagement models. It has also allowed a playing field for more and different competitors. Every...

Anton Moulder, 
The Managing Partner of Urbian.

Digital Trends – How 2016 Will Inform 2017

January 9, 2017 • Opinion, Top StoriesComments (0)

What are the digital business trends that will influence your business in 2017? Co-founder and Managing Partner at Urbian, Anton Moulder, says that digitally transformed businesses will investigate artificial intelligence, look at Bitcoin’s blockchain, are...

Augmented Reality

How Microsoft’s HoloLens is bringing AR to the forefront of industry

January 9, 2017 • Gadgets and Gaming, OpinionComments (0)

Earlier this year, tech juggernaut Microsoft began shipping the developer’s version of its HoloLens AR headset. A device that has been in development for years, the HoloLens is the first ever fully untethered, holographic computer – which enables users to...

Bradley Elliott, MD of Platinum Seed.

The art of app development

December 25, 2016 • Online & Social, OpinionComments Off on The art of app development

The proliferation of smart phone and tablet apps has transformed the way consumers interact with brands and service providers. This presents a huge opportunity for companies to deepen their relationship with customers. Bradley Elliott, MD of Platinum Seed...

Mobile Data Usage

Opinion: Data must fall? But it is Falling!

December 21, 2016 • Mobile and Telecoms, OpinionComments Off on Opinion: Data must fall? But it is Falling!

Cellphone and smartphone usage is one of South Africa’s great development success stories. Mobile telecommunications and smartphones have enabled many African countries to leapfrog into the digital and information age. Before the proliferation of mobile...

The consequences of falling victim to an information security gap can be severe, including legal liability, financial losses. (image: perspec_photo88)

Opinion: Safeguarding your business from cybercrime

December 19, 2016 • Cloud Computing, Opinion, SecurityComments (1)

From malware to phishing and from hacking to theft of data storage devices, the risks of falling victim to a security gap are continually growing. If you are an African entrepreneur, you must prepare yourself to compete in the digital economy by protecting...