SD-WAN market, Citrix

Opinion: Brendan McAravey discusses the future of SD-WAN

August 18, 2017 • Cloud Computing, OpinionComments (0)

For those that haven’t been following the rapidly growing SD-WAN market, Cisco’s acquisition of Viptela may seem to have come out of the blue. After all, $610M is a hefty premium for a very young company with an estimated $30M in annual revenue. But for those of us who have been immersed in SD-WAN for [&hellip...

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Setting Your Data Center Migration Strategy

Setting up your data center migration strategy is crucial

August 18, 2017 • Backup and Storage, Cloud Computing, OpinionComments (0)

Change, even one for the better, comes with risk. Migrating to a Colocation Data Center – or any new Data Center- should be accompanied by careful supervision and a well devised and executed strategy. Data and IT functionality are a critical element of...

high speed connectivity

Public-sector projects can benefit from high-speed connectivity

August 18, 2017 • General, OpinionComments (0)

It has been 23 years since the first Pan-African Conference of Ministers of Public/Civil Service was held in Tangier. Since then there has been a lot of progress in the terms of public sector services on the continent. We need to celebrate the successes,...

Women in tech

Technology’s critical role in empowering South African women

August 17, 2017 • General, Opinion, Southern AfricaComments (0)

The IT industry is in a unique position to rapidly change the roles of women in the workplace and society – as new technology-enabled learning, employment and business opportunities emerge in the digital era. Today, we’re seeing a number of important tech...

Cyber attacks moving to mobile

Cyber Attacks Moving to Mobile Devices

August 17, 2017 • Opinion, SecurityComments (0)

With individuals and businesses becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices for everything from email to banking, cyber criminals have turned their attention to mobile platforms as a new target for attack. One of their most common strategies is mobile...

Cloud accounting

Cloud Accounting: Is it the answer to provisional tax chaos?

August 17, 2017 • Cloud Computing, Finance, OpinionComments (0)

It’s not easy running a business that is seasonal, or one that goes through waves of increased activity like an accounting practice. Provisional tax returns (IRP6s) are due this August 2017 and can easily disrupt the day-to-day business of your accounting...

popi act

PoPI will enable better information management

August 17, 2017 • OpinionComments (0)

The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act is a fast encroaching reality for South Africa and many organisations are now facing the mammoth task of ensuring they comply with this regulation. PoPI essentially regulates how organisations store their...

Fixed wireless broadband

Smarter solutions for real-world efficiency are a must

August 17, 2017 • Online & Social, OpinionComments (0)

Fixed wireless broadband has for years been chosen for being the most cost-effective alternative network access technology, especially in the days when there was plenty of spectrum available. Companies started to emerge offering their customers a solution...

NetApp South Africa

We should be preparing for Jobs that don’t exist yet

August 16, 2017 • General, OpinionComments (0)

With the development of IT technologies, the job market is being transformed, across all industry sectors. Automation of manual tasks is the most obvious change, but big data, blockchains and crowd funding may be the real game changers, enabling established...

cloud technology

Cloud Scope Grows but Reluctance Still Dominates

August 16, 2017 • Cloud Computing, OpinionComments (0)

If Gartner is to be believed and only a mere 38% of enterprise IT organisations are using cloud services, there is undoubtedly continued concern regarding cloud usage. Andrew Cruise, managing director, Routed, a vendor neutral cloud hosting platform provider,...

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Tech is making us super human: where is your cape?

August 15, 2017 • General, OpinionComments (0)

The future beckons… A world where the impossible becomes possible, where the imagined manifests. A world where we metamorphise into super humans. Where man and machine merge, transhumanism becomes a reality and our consciousness expands to immortal status....

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Migrating to a digitised environment? Consider the security risk

August 14, 2017 • General, Opinion, SecurityComments (0)

The emergence of the digital world has caused a number of organisations to shift from analogue to digitised environments. Among the many complexities and challenges this transition gives rise to, new security considerations have also materialised. Businesses...

Opinion, IT System Management, Self service, Systems, ITSM

Extending self-service capabilities of ITSM

August 14, 2017 • Events, Opinion, SoftwareComments (0)

  Always-on connectivity and a proliferation of mobile devices has had an unprecedented impact on the world. Fundamentally, it changes the way both businesses and end users interact. There is at least one mobile application for virtually every kind of...

Opinion, Dark Web, Marketplace, shutdown, Cybercrime,

Cybercrime finds a way despite dark web shutdowns

August 14, 2017 • General, Online & Social, Opinion, SecurityComments (0)

The law enforcement operations that took down the AlphaBay and Hansa marketplaces were meant to strike a sizable blow to the online trade of illegal goods and services. Frequenters of these services might now think twice before placing their trust in these...

mobile ERP, cloud, big data

Opinion: Embracing a mobile ERP world

August 14, 2017 • Big Data, OpinionComments (0)

The popular IT vernacular of last year – cloud computing, big data, and virtualisation – has been replaced with the likes of mobility and digital transformation. And yet, the building blocks of enterprise resource planning (ERP) remain integral to the...

Anton Jacobsz, Security, Software

Cybercrime growth highlights need for short- and long-term ICT education plans in South Africa

August 11, 2017 • Opinion, Security, Southern Africa, SponsoredComments (0)

The Joburg Centre for Software Engineering’s (JCSE) seventh annual ICT skills survey showed that South Africa continues to lag behind other African countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt, in information communication technology (ICT) skills training...